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I am about ready to give up on these little seasonal intros about how “spring is finally here.” Portland has gone a little wacko with the weather. However, despite the wet, rainy winter/spring that continued through April, temperatures are warmer now and the streets are blooming with people on bikes, as bright and fresh as a field of tulips. Every year brings new folks to the street and it’s fun and exciting to see so many people here enjoying my favorite means of transportation. Here are some of the many excellent contributions to the Vélocouture flickr pool in March and April of 2011.

Hottie with the Lottie
Photo by Flickr user Calteoh


As spring slowly pulls into the station, here are some glimpses of February’s Vélocouture panache and excellence from the last tendrils of winter. Best wishes from wet, bloomy Portland.

Photo by Flickr user Simply Bike

Another fabulous winter showing by all you frosty-nosed people on bikes (and some Californians, too!).

What Storm?
Photo by Flickr user ‘Xander @416cyclestyle in Toronto

As you have probably noticed, the photos here are not always seasonal. For my monthly “favorites”, I pull from what’s been submitted to the Vélocouture group pool that month, but you can add a photo anytime you want, so sometimes we get some lovely summer photos in the dead of winter.

This time around, though, I noticed we have some nice wintry images to enjoy. In case you were wondering whether you can go by bike, in style, even in the cold and snow of winter, the contributors to Vélocouture would answer in the affirmative.

Todd at St Johns bridge
Photo by Flickr user Urban Weeds: Street Style from Portland in Portland, Oregon


I seem to be on a bimonthly schedule with these “best of” posts. I’ll forego the usual excuses about how crazy work/life has been and just accept how nice it is that choosing from two months of photos gives me more chance to make interesting edits. Yeah! That’s it.

Here are my favorite contributions to the Vélocouture group in October and November 2010.

Photo by Flickr user Cycle Chic Malmö/Lund in Malmö, Sweden


Herewith our favorites of all the fantastic contributions to the Vélocouture group in August and September.

I usually don’t comment on individual photos in these posts, but I have to say that the first one here is one of my all-time favorites. The photographer, Dmitry, is doing some amazing work, worth checking out simply for his beautiful photos, and particularly if you are a photo nerd and interested in his unusual technique. But beyond that, the colors! the light! the bicycle! the composition! the radiant dress! the fuzzy blue sweater (!)! (You’ll recognize the subject, Julie, as a devoted contributor to Vélocouture herself.)

It’s simply one of the most wonderful photographs to come through our virtual door during the four years I’ve been doing this, and it makes me smile every time I see it.

Photo by Flickr user Dmitry Gudkov in New York City


It’s getting pretty difficult to choose “favorites” among all the magnificent photos you good people provide. Thanks for all your contributions.

Here in Portland, we’re starting to wonder whether summer has been cancelled. But we still need to get from one place to another, so, naturally, we’re still cycling. And, hey, just because the days are rainy and cloudy doesn’t mean they’re not nice and long. Today it was even sunny for a while.

Elsewhere in the world, summer rolls on as usual (or so it would seem from the below photos). Enjoy the season, whatever it might be, and enjoy traveling by bike.

Party Dress Trisha
Photo by Flickr user letsgorideabike in Nashville

Dark Colors
Photo by Flickr user poetas in Portland, Oregon

Photo by Flickr user Cosmoblue in Los Angeles

Betty Foy and Dottie
Photo by Flickr user letsgorideabike in Chicago

19 May 2010 - Introducing
Photo by Flickr user academichic somewhere in the U.S. Midwest

Photo by Flickr user sweetpeabicycles in Portland, Oregon

Amb bici al mercat
Photo by Flickr user Bart Omeu in Barcelona

Greenway Roadster
Photo by Flickr user lovely_bicycle in Boston

Down The Lane
Photo by Flickr user bikamper near Red Wing, Minnesota, while on the annual Lake Pepin 3-speed Tour

Be a part of Vélocouture! Submit your photos of well-dressed cyclists — yourself, or others — to the Vélocouture group on Flickr. Thanks for your continued interest and contributions to Vélocouture!

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