Li'l minivan
This is a pocket photo I made in late January. As you can see, my daughter Anabee is doing a little drawing while we head to the grocery store. She had just started in with her habit of kicking back across the bench seat. She doesn’t do it any more… perhaps because her legs are too long to fit now!

This photo shows a great advantage to the Boxcycles Bugatti-style cover over our previous Prairie cover. With the Bugatti, you can go practically top down, but the hoops stay in place thanks to the side walls, which provide a little wind protection while they hold the hoops down. The fabric for all of the cover is stretchy and soft (yet durable and completely waterproof). The top part of the canopy unsnaps quickly, and easily rolls up and packs away under the bench. And pops back on quickly at the store. It’s a really well-designed, well-constructed cover.

We still have the Prairie cover, and we use the hoops in the summer in combination with Holly’s custom made sunshade. But the Bugatti cover is much easier to use and more versatile. I’m angling to put together some kind of sun cover for the Bugatti so we can just use it all year.