Public Bikes

I got a note from the folks at PUBLIC bikes about a new line of bikes coming this fall. Unlike their previous internally-geared bikes, these will feature derailleur gear systems, and a remarkably low price (under $500). Best of all, to promote the new line, they’re giving one away. See the contest page on their web site for more info.

I haven’t tried any of their bikes, so I can’t speak to their quality or ride, but I hope to put one to the test soon. In the meantime, they certainly look good, and the people I know who’ve tried them say they are fine bikes indeed. (UPDATE: I found out that Public does not lend out bicycles for review. So, a brief test ride from a local shop will have to do.)

What I do know about PUBLIC is that they are working to popularize bicycles as transportation, something that we here at Vélocouture can always get behind. If you visit their web site you’ll be pleased to see that under “clothing” they offer actual shoes and boots for sale, like cute Camper sneakers and, more importantly, these fabulous Tretorn rain boots, which I have my eye on to combat this winter’s impending sogginess.

rain boots