Herewith our favorites of all the fantastic contributions to the Vélocouture group in August and September.

I usually don’t comment on individual photos in these posts, but I have to say that the first one here is one of my all-time favorites. The photographer, Dmitry, is doing some amazing work, worth checking out simply for his beautiful photos, and particularly if you are a photo nerd and interested in his unusual technique. But beyond that, the colors! the light! the bicycle! the composition! the radiant dress! the fuzzy blue sweater (!)! (You’ll recognize the subject, Julie, as a devoted contributor to Vélocouture herself.)

It’s simply one of the most wonderful photographs to come through our virtual door during the four years I’ve been doing this, and it makes me smile every time I see it.

Photo by Flickr user Dmitry Gudkov in New York City

Photo by Flickr user spitsbergen in Moscow

Photo by Flickr user kinamari in Los Angeles

Photo by Flickr user Cycle Chic Malmö/Lund in Lund, Sweden

hells bells (&chevron)
Photo by Flickr user Julie Mack in the O.C., California

Photo by Flickr user Cameron Adams in Atlanta

Feeling dapper
Photo by Flickr user Simply Bike

tyler johnson
Photo by Flickr user Brenton Salo in Portland, Oregon

The King of Cycle Chic is Losing His Touch
Photo provided, but obviously not taken, by Flickr user Mikael Colville-Andersen in Copenhagen. Cheers mate!

How to follow that last one? Quite simply, all you need to do is ride with your clothes on. Whether it’s chic or retro, plain or fancy, how Vélocouture looks is entirely up to you. Submit your photos of people going places in style to the Vélocouture flickr group. Thanks for reading and thanks for all of your contributions.