It’s been a busy summer here as always, and now that we’ve had a decent few weeks of actually summery weather, even busier than usual. Amidst the raft of work and summer hijinks, I’ve enjoyed reviewing all these warm-weather vélocouture contributions. Bicycling in summer really helps you appreciate the sensible, airy fabrics like seersucker and linen, which were, of course, summer necessaries before everything became air-conditioned and hermetically sealed.

Herewith our favorites of all the fantastic contributions to the Vélocouture group in June and July. Nice to see you all out there.

Dottie and Betty
Photo by Flickr user Dream Dottie in Chicago

Why so serious?
Photo by Flickr user Julie Mack in Orange County, California

Pillar of Calm in a World of Chaos
Photo by Flickr user Mikael Colville-Andersen in Copenhagen

Photo by Flickr user MyArtistSoul in Portland, Oregon

Anna Sui Tank
Photo by Flickr user juleskills in New York City

Cycle Saturday: Making tracks to Richmond
Photo by Flickr user Lady LDN in London

me-->500 club
Photo by Flickr user *Honeychild* in San Francisco

25 June 2010
Photo by Flickr user Simply Bike

Bike to Bar: Big Star
Photo by Flickr user Lorena Cupcake in Chicago

Photo by Flickr user Cosmoblue in Los Angeles

amsterdam 06-24-2010 4
Photo by Flickr user henry in a’dam in Amsterdam

Straw Hat Panda
Photo by Flickr user Dapper Lad Cycles in Seattle

Photo by Flickr user little miss sarah chan

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