The first couple of months of 2010 have passed us by in a blur of house-hunting and much-awaited vacation time. I appear to have completely missed the deadline for the Best of January edition. I hope you’ll accept my apologies! Herewith a combined Favorites comprising the best of the Vélocouture group on Flickr from January and February 2010.

An Omen
Photo by Flickr user Cameron Adams in Chattanooga, Tennessee

Photo by Flickr user Amsterdamize in Amsterdam

Bethnal Green rush hour 6
Photo by Flickr user i b i k e l o n d o n in London

Grey Coat
Photo by Flickr user Lars Daniel in Copenhagen

Ride By
Photo by Flickr user Brenton Salo in Portland, Oregon

Photo by Flickr user [Zakka / Mikael] in Copenhagen

Swan, Santa Barbara
Photo by Flickr user Bike by the Sea in Santa Barbara, California

The Warrior Returns from The Hunt
Photo by Flickr user Lorena Cupcake in Chicago

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