Dear friends, today marks the one year anniversary of the Vélocouture blog! We thank you for your interest in our blog, and also for your always splendid contributions to the Flickr group. Happy new year to you and may all your transportation be dashing in this new decade.

Here are some photographs from the Vélocouture group on Flickr that caught my eye during December 2009. Coming soon: The best of 2009!

Heels and Wind Chill -16
Photo by Flickr user [Zakka / Mikael] in Copenhagen

early exposure to sad British pop music
Photo by Flickr user andulce in Santiago

Photo by Flickr user meligrosa in San Francisco

Multi- modal
Photo by Flickr user pdxtyler in Den Haag, the Netherlands

Photo by Flickr user bilobicles bag in Santiago

First Impressions
Photo by Flickr user La Petite Gamine in Acworth, Georgia

Photo by Flickr user Cosmoblue in Los Angeles

marie claire interview/038
Photo by Flickr user nabiis in Taipei, Taiwan

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