An entirely unscientific selection of photographs from the Vélocouture group on Flickr that caught my eye during November 2009. It’s getting kind of chilly out there, but for me that just means I can wear plenty of nice wool layers, and a fine coat! Hope you’re enjoying the settling in of winter, wherever you are (unless you’re in the Southern hemisphere, in which case welcome summer!).

Autumn Passageway
Photo by Flickr user lovely_bicycle in Boston

Photo by Flickr user kinamari in Los Angeles

Grace In The Wind
Photo by Flickr user Amsterdamize in Amsterdam

Sun at Last #2
Photo by Flickr user Lars Daniel in Copenhagen

5938 little red riding tights
Photo by Flickr user Xander N’Dante in Toronto

La France. La belle.
Photo by Flickr user [Zakkalicious / Mikael] in Paris

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