An entirely unscientific selection of photographs from the Vélocouture group on Flickr that caught my eye during April 2009. Here in Portland, April showers have brought May . . . showers, along with the requisite blossoms, and a fresh new crop of citizens travelling by bicycle. It’s great to see every year and this year looks to be more pedal-powered than ever. Hope your spring is treating you well.

Bicycle Kiss
Photo by Flickr user [Zakkaliciousness] in Copenhagen

Flower Market #1
Photo by Flickr user Lars Daniel in Copenhagen

Photo by Flickr user meligrosa in San Francisco

In São Paulo, Brazil
Photo by Flickr user Verônica Mambrini in São Paulo

Photo by Flickr user bilobicles bag in Santiago

Critcal Mass Seattle April 2009
Photo by Flickr user Dapper Lad Cycles in Seattle

Everday Cycle Wear
Photo by Flickr user busbozo in San Francisco

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