Bike it, sister!
Photo by flickr user Olive Talique

Mark your calendars for Thursday April 30th, when Clevercycles will host a spring gathering to share strawberries and wine, and take a look at what some of their favorite bicycle-minded clothiers have on offer this spring.

The folks at Clevercycles suggest that you “wear your cutest bike outfit, your highest bike heels, and check out what Ibex, Sheila Moon and Suzabelle would like to see you in for Spring. If you fall in love with any of our items, you can take it home for 10% off during the event.” Sounds like fun to me!

The event happens on Thursday, April 30th, from 6pm-8pm, at the Clevercycles shop, 908 SE Hawthorne Boulevard in Portland.

I didn’t realize I’d be writing about upcoming events when I started this blog. Maybe 2009 really is the year of Vélocouture!