An entirely unscientific selection of photographs from the Vélocouture group on Flickr that caught my eye during the rainy month of March 2009. Spring occurred, somewhere in there, and the nice thing about a Flickr group is that occasionally someone submits a photo in March that was taken, say, last August, for a little gasp of summer as we anticipate the longer days.

Toddler Cycle Chic?
Photo by Flickr user totcycle in Seattle
I know it’s probably a lot to do with how I am a new dad, but I think this photo is about the best thing ever. Go get ’em, kid.

Bike to School Day
Photo by Flickr user protorio in San Diego

Urban Commuter
Photo by Flickr user Bicycle Geography in Boulder, Colorado

Me and my Bike
Photo by Flickr user Dixie Lux in Olympia, Washington

Urban Beauty
Photo by Flickr user busbozo in San Francisco

Photo by Flickr user compassionateeye in Portland, Oregon

three bicycles on a ride
Photo by Flickr user nilsvik in Winnipeg, Manitoba, during the blissful days of last summer

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