An entirely unscientific selection of photographs from the Vélocouture group on Flickr that caught my eye this past month. Now, I know that February is the shortest month, but this year it felt especially short. Could it be that spring is on the way? The rain has started up again here in Portland, reminding us of how mild (with respect to rain, anyway) our winter has been this year. February’s selection of photos show spring peeking through even as winter holds us in its grasp. Enjoy.

Rebekah rides again
Photo by Flickr user Bici Girl in sunny San Francisco

Tim O'Neil and his rickshaw
Photo by Flickr user richardmasoner in Santa Cruz, California

Copenhagen Winter Cycling Clothing
Photo by Flickr user [Zakkaliciousness] in still-wintry Copenhagen

Photo by Flickr user agfachrome25 in Eugene, Oregon

paris 069
Photo by Flickr user as1974 in Paris

Red Carpet
Photo by Flickr user divankovic in Croatia

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