An entirely unscientific overview of contributions to the Vélocouture group that particularly struck my fancy during the month of January, 2009. It seems like a good time to note that while the straw man says winter is a time to stay inside and roll on the trainers, the cyclists here demonstrate that you can bicycle your way through the winter, and do so with style and grace.

I’m Roxy dammit has a wonderful set of photos like this; click through this image to see more. The Tweed Cycling Club hosted a ride in London, and everyone dressed accordingly. Now, I would like to point out that we don’t generally go in for these kind of themed bike rides; our thinking is that Vélocouture is about going to and fro for transport’s sake, and looking good doing it. But I’m making an exception for these photos, because they simply must be seen and appreciated. It appears the Tweed Cycling Club has decided to take the themed-ride idea and use it to promote cycling with one’s clothes on. We salute their efforts and hope to see more.

Pillion in Paris
Jeremyhughes is a regular contributor to the Vélocouture group. He’s been spending some time in Paris lately, and clearly he’s been making the most of it. I love this couple’s dashing, relaxed style. The passenger looks like she’s blithely riding in a taxi—which, in a way, she is. (Cinematic foreshadowing: is that a chainguard on a bike with derailleurs front and rear? Hmmm…)

If only I had a disc wheel that looked like a pizza, this picture would be complete.
velvetboz manages to combine a fixed-gear trick and a regulation head-to-toe wardrobe_remix shot into a wicked and uniquely American dose of Vélocouture.

Serendipitous cycle moments
poetas gives us this lovely image of urban cycling from right here in Portland, Oregon. This photo captures a mild winter day on SE Clinton St, a popular bicycling thoroughfare with many good places to stop and people-watch or grab a cup of coffee. Here’s something I love about bikes-in-motion and fashion: you can tell that the cyclist up front on the left is wonderfully dressed, even with just a blurry silhouette. Love the boots!

scary biker gang
We close this month’s favorites with a glimpse of diddybelle84‘s recent stylish, pedal-powered night out with the ladies. Looks like fun!

Be a part of Vélocouture! Submit your photos of well-dressed cyclists — yourself, or others — to the Vélocouture group on Flickr. Thanks to everyone who contributed. Keep on pedaling in style.