There are many reasons that a particular Vélocouture photo might resonate with me. Sometimes it’s the fabulous outfit. Sometimes it’s the beautiful bike, or the sense of a fashionable moment being captured as it whizzes by. Sometimes, though, it’s the photo itself, as it is here, with Meligrosa’s seemingly impulsive shot of her bike, yellow tights, and black boots on a San Francisco street.

un panda
Photo by Flickr user meligrosa

Of course, this photo hits it on all targets: a sweet, shiny bike, a fleeting urban moment, and you better believe there’s a great outfit in there. But it’s composition that grabs me—that huge white “brushstroke” at the left, and then the grey parallel beneath it leading to the repeated diagonal lines at right… the red paint on the curb echoed by the pile of rust-colored leaves in the gutter… and that cobalt blue bike frame splitting the image, with all its shiny steel symmetry in the shifters and chromed fork crown and those mysterious little plates on the twin toptubes.

Meligrosa does the fabulous blog Bikes and the City, where she chronicles the comings and goings of stylishly dressed cyclists (including herself) on the streets of San Francisco. If you’re interested in seeing more of her gorgeous blue bike, there’s a recent post with lots of juicy details.