I’m a big fan of Rick Smith’s Yehuda Moon comic strip, not least because it’s vélocouture-friendly. The eponymous protagonist is a fine example of a guy who rides his bike in everyday clothes. Friday’s strip was particularly appropriate to our little blog:

Yehuda Moon

Here’s a crucial juncture for the cyclist who would wear ordinary clothes: the pant cuff, and its proximity to the bicycle chain. For most North American cyclists, who use bikes without chainguards or chaincases, this meeting of the materials has a significant effect on our clothing choices. Off the top of my head I can think of several solutions to this problem:

1. Use a chainguard.

2. Use a little band around your pant leg (or, in the British tradition, trouser clips).

3. Wear knickerbockers (or shorts, or a skirt and tights).

4. Roll up your pant cuffs.

5. Tuck your trouser legs into a pair of stylish boots.

What’s your strategy of choice? Some of these approaches demand further exploration, of course. Do stay tuned.

Thanks to Rick Smith for permission to use his comic.