Mom's taxi

Portland, Oregon. Photo by Patrick Barber

We coined the term “Vélocouture” for the name of a Flickr photo group that we started two years ago. Originally we wanted a place to collect and admire cool and stylish outfits worn by cyclists.

Nowadays, vélocouture is on its way to becoming a way of life. Bicycling — in everyday clothes — is catching on as a great way to get around here in North America. We like to think of it as “style that moves you,” or, when we’re feeling punchy, “bicycling with your clothes on.” Because you don’t need special equipment or technical clothing to get somewhere on your bike. You just need a bike. And why not ride in style?

We’re going to use this blog to feature some of our favorite photos from the Vélocouture photo group. We’ll also offer clothing tips and tricks that we’ve learned; show you beautiful and practical bikes and bike stuff that we find; and do our part to make stylish, transportational cycling an everyday practice.

Thanks for stopping by!